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Deepen Your Practice & Get on Track to Become a Radical Honesty Trainer

The course has begun and enrollment is now closed.




The Radical Honesty 9-Month Training Course is a live, online, highly interactive, deep-dive into the practice of Radical Honesty, specifically designed for those who want to begin the work of becoming a Certified Radical Honesty Trainer. It's also for therapists, life coaches, and others who who want to apply Radical Honesty to their area of specialization.

The course is for those who have attended at least one of our 8-Day Workshops, plan to continue their learning through workshops and personal practice in their lives, and intend to apply to attend a Radical Honesty Trainer’s Training at some point in the future.

This course is required for Trainer Candidates pursuing certification, and is excellent support for already Certified Trainers dedicated to their personal and professional development.


The Purpose of the Course 

The purpose of the 9-Month Training Course is to develop skills (in noticing, expressing, coaching, and presentation), clarity of intent, and relationships with other prospective Radical Honesty Trainers, in order to create a breakthrough in our individual and collective abilities to teach Radical Honesty.

The unique purpose of this live interaction, online course is to expand the learning that begins at an in-person 8-Day workshop or Trainer’s Training with the support of a team of dedicated Radical Honesty Trainers, and in community with other prospective Trainers and Trainer Candidates on an ongoing basis, with a consistent schedule.

Attending a few of our workshops and even participation in a Trainer’s Training is not enough to prepare most people to become a Trainer capable of competently and powerfully leading Radical Honesty workshops. This 9-Month Training course is a key element in enriching one’s personal practice in a way that sets the course for becoming an effective and prepared Trainer.

*Participation in this program does not guarantee certification or admission into a Trainer’s Training.


The Course

  • 2 Monthly Group Video Calls: The first call of each month will focus on the content shared by the Trainer. The second call of the month will focus on processing and talking about the personal work assigned in call one.

  • Online Forum & Supervision: In the time between our calls, we’ll keep the discussion going using a private forum. Certified Trainers will engage the group with questions and will actively respond to participant questions.

  • Buddy Groups: Practice groups of 2-3 people will meet online once a week to share about the program work and about the Radical Honesty work you are doing in your life.

  • Support: The trainer leaders will give concentrated support during calls and over email for issues and challenges that arise during the program.


The Benefits

  • You will receive a $250 credit toward the next Trainer’s Training by participating in this course

  • A clear container for growth and continued learning

  • Dedicated support and supervision from a small group of experienced and invested Certified Trainers

  • Community interaction within the private forum to share with your cohorts about homework and ongoing practice

  • Weekly practice and accountability check-ins with your buddy group

  • External motivation to stay focused on building Radical Honesty related skills during an extended, specified time-period

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The Schedule

  • The program will run July 2019 through March 2020.

  • Our video calls will take place on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 12pm Eastern, beginning on Tuesday, July 2nd and will be 90-120 minutes each.

  • Our next in-person Trainer’s Training will be in March of 2020 following our final 9-Month Trainer Course call. You will receive a $250 credit toward the Trainer’s Training by participating in this course.


The Cost

  • You’ve participated in an 8-Day Workshop: $2000

  • You’re a Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate: $1000

  • You’re a Radical Honesty Trainer (not leading workshops): $500

  • You’re a Radical Honesty Trainer (leading workshops): please inquire


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Your Facilitators

The 9-Month Course is led by Radical Honesty Trainers and concludes with a session with Brad Blanton.

John Rosania

John Rosania

Etain O’kane

Etain O’kane

Christoph Fink

Christoph Fink

Selina Jung

Selina Jung

Marvin Schulz

Marvin Schulz

Lindsay St. Antoine

Lindsay St. Antoine

Pete Jordan

Pete Jordan

Tuulia Syvänen

Tuulia Syvänen


2019-2020 Course Curriculum


July: Setting the Stage: The work of the Radical Honesty Trainer

August: Fight, flight, freeze: Understanding the nervous system

September: Stepping into the Role of the Trainer

October: Asking for What you Want

November: Increasing the Quality of Your Attention

December: The Triggered facilitator: The role of shame, expectations, and anger

January: The Victim-Helper-Judge Dynamic

February: Using a Trainer’s Own Personal Stories in Workshops

March: Completing the Course with Brad Blanton




Upcoming 8-Day Workshops


Participation in an 8-Day Workshop is one of the requirements to attend Advanced 8-Day workshops and Trainer’s Trainings. Find an upcoming 8-Day to attend, below.


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