A Sample Version of My Project Write-Ups

Here are a few projects subsumed under my Umbrella Project for 2019 that you can use as a model to write up your own projects during the Life Planning Workshop.

Project 2: Vital Vices: Poker, Dope, Alcohol, TV, Movies, DVD’s, Videos, Eating Out, Sex, Singing, Playing Backgammon, Chess, Guitar and Golf.

Brief History: I have some experience with all of the above.

Background Commitment: I am committed to having a good time every day of my life, being happy, enjoying my body and occasional altered states of consciousness.

Vision: After having a lot of fun writing, reading and talking to people and talking on the phone each day, and after doing something that keeps me physically healthy, I indulge myself in the various activities mentioned above for at least six hours a day. I am loving life. The people I play with are too, for the most part.

Committed Listeners: Jack Stork, Jerry Griffin, Mike Lewinski

Network of Support: Friends at the golf course, at home, and in workshops.

State: Stability


Measures: Occasional hangovers, side money ebb and flow, complaints by co-workers, embarrassment now and then, loss of memory, stupid laughter, warnings from other people, resentment from others for winning, being moved to tears and laughter by dramatic and hilarious comedy and drama. Laughing with Elijah at funny things on TV. Laughing and playing with the Buddha boy. Laughing and talking with others about life, lyrics and real and imagined drama. Reading and talking about fiction and poetry with friends and family. Emailing friends and colleagues. Watching TV, playing backgammon, chess, music, golf, etc. every day for at least 5 hours. Keeping healthy by working out, doing aerobic exercise, meditating, having sex, eating well and being honest, in order to be able to tolerate a large amount of the above.

Description of Overall Plan: Live, laugh, love and be happy.

Actions:   Every day do at least 5 hours of this kind of play.

Date Printed: September 18, 2017.

Project 3: Golf

Brief History: I have played golf since I was 14 years old. I love playing golf. My lowest handicap ever was 6. My current handicap is 17. I want to play to a 14 handicap this year.

Background Commitment: I am committed to enjoyment and excellence in performance in golf, having fun doing it and winning money from my friends and a trophy or two each year.

Vision: I practice golf every day. I shoot my age this year. A four over par 76.  I play golf four times a week when I am in town and practice hitting balls twice a week for up to an hour each time. I use the single plane Moe Norman golf videos. I play on four man teams at the course and win an inordinate number of matches. I place high and win trophies in tournaments. I shoot my age this year. ( I SHOT A 76 WHEN I WAS 77!)

Committed Listeners: Averill Bowers, Karen Kellogg

Network of Support: All the guys at the golf course and everyone who works with me at Radical Honesty Enterprises, Inc.

State: Stability

Measures: Handicap comes down to 12 by July 15. I play and place in two tournaments by November. I win once out of every three times I play on a team, or make an individual or side bet. I take four golf lessons over the year. I practice hitting balls at home and on the road.

Description of Overall Plan: Play golf a lot and have a good time and become known among my friends as someone to watch out for when playing golf and betting money on it.


Keep hitting golf balls in indoor driving range in Stockholm. Hit balls  from the front yard, about 60 a day at least 4 days a week at Sparrowhawk in the Spring. Play golf at least two times a week. Use hitting and shagging balls as aerobic exercise. Walk when I play now and then.              

Date Printed: September 18, 2018.

Project 4: Come Again?


Brief History: I read a science fiction book, The First Immortal by James Halperin. I plan to freeze my body in liquid nitrogen immediately after my heart stops beating and have it stored until Science can revive me. Contacted Cryogenics folks in Michigan. Contacted Life Insurance Company and assigned 33K to the Cryogenics Institute. Filled out all of the forms.

Background Commitment: I am committed to the possibility of immortality. I am committed to the possibility that chosen death be the most likely kind for me. I am committed to a long and healthy life for me the next 20 years or so and a return trip after science becomes capable of bringing folks back to life.

Vision: I get frozen when I die and get brought back and rejuvenated in about thirty years and given the choice about whether I want to die or not, forever.

Committed Listeners: David Lee, M.D., Maria, Ave, Sheryl.

Network of Support: Carsie and Elijah and Shanti and friends in the Radical Honesty community.

State: Momentum.

Measures: Life insurance policy transferred to a Cryogenics Lab. (done) Contract signed with Lab (November 20, 06). Local contacts set up to pack me in ice and handle my body so it is preserved until frozen and frozen quickly when I die. Bracelet worn at all times, telling anyone who finds me dead what to do.

Description of Overall Plan: I made arrangements to be cryogenically preserved by signing a contract and signing over 33K of my life insurance to The Cryonics Institute, (http://www.cryonics.org/), to pay for the process of infusing me with cellular anti-freeze and storing me in liquid nitrogen until it becomes scientifically viable for me to be restored to life and see if I have any marbles left.

Actions: Renew arrangements for how I am to be handled when I die by talking to David Lee when I get my physical with him this month. Set up local conversation to have it happen that way.

Date Printed: September 18, 2018.