Etain O'Kane | Europe
Offering: Workshops, Individual Counseling


Etain has been practicing Radical Honesty since 2010.  She has devoted her life to promoting positive health and wellbeing through peer-support groups, training, and a range of community based projects for over 20 years.  Currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, she was the first Radical Honesty trainer to be certified in Europe.

Etain has a BA in Psychology, a Diploma in Counseling, and is currently working towards a MSc  in Counseling & Therapeutic Communication. She also holds an MA in Creative Writing, is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, a Laughter Yoga leader, and has a range of teaching and management qualifications.  She currently runs her own business providing person-centered counseling to individuals, as well as facilitating emotional intelligence and wellbeing workshops to NGOs and companies.  

Radical Honesty coaching and counseling can take place face to face and online, and she welcomes requests for group sessions and workshops.  

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