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8-Day Workshop | Czech Republic | May 2-10 | €2250- 2490

Workshop Leader T uulia Syvänen

Workshop led by Certified Trainers, Marvin Schulz and Sebastian James.

Embody the work of Radical Honesty and design a compelling future!

Join certified Radical Honesty Trainer and psychologist Sebastian James and certified Trainer Marvin Schulz for an immersive, transformative, and fun-full week of honesty.

2nd May 2020 - 10th of May 2020

Liberec (Reichenberg), Czech Republic
Close to hiking mountain Jested, surrounding lakes and only 5km from the German border

Early Bird (until 31st of December 2019): 2.250 Euros
Regular Price (Thereafter): 2.490 Euros*
*Discounts available for low income folks. 

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Your All-Inclusive Radical Honesty Workshop Package

  • 9-days and 8-nights of Radical Honesty with two experienced trainers

  • Chef-prepared meals, snacks, and options to make your own bread 

  • Sauna, wooden bathtub, and fireplace in a large barn for relaxation

  • Professionally instructed yoga & meditation every morning 

  • 2 post-workshop Skype sessions to help you integrate the practice 

Your 8-Day Deep Dive into the world of Radical Honesty

The 8-Day Intensive Residential Workshop is a fully-immersive deep dive into Radical Honesty – the only format including naked work and hour-long life stories. For 8 full days, you’ll get to experience yourself in a raw and vulnerable way, learn how to authentically connect to other people, enhance your aliveness, and work on letting go of the past and design your future.

You will be guided by Sebastian James, a professional therapist, psychologist and long-term friend of Dr. Blanton, as well as Marvin Schulz, one of Europe’s most experienced Radical Honesty facilitators and former management consultant.

A close-to-nature Spring Retreat in a cozy, country-style home


We specifically picked a green springtime location in the heart of Europe that’s reachable (for most) without flying. Our charming cottage is cozy, tenderly-furnished and newly renovated with a beautiful garden, stunning hiking trails, and on-site sauna & fireplace in the Czech Republic.

 In this beautiful setting, you get to:

  • Connect to others in a deep and compassionate way

  • Experiment being without filters 

  • Experience being fully present and grounded in the moment

  • Expand your bodily awareness and stay with all your feelings

  • Express whatever arises in the moment: excitement, attraction, anger, fear, etc.

  • Understand the difference between noticing and thinking

  • Develop skills to honestly share your feelings and thoughts

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Reconnect, rejuvenate, and relax

The retreat will take place in a quaint and rustic country house in the Czech Republic, close to the German border and well accessible via car or train (no need for air transportation). We are surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, hiking trails, and lush European forests. 

Our house comes equipped with a sauna, wooden bath tubs, a fireplace and a baking station to make your own bread if you desire to get creative during the workshop. We have 7 bathrooms available and comfortable bedrooms, including a nice attic under the wooden roof for a unique and truly European experience. You’ll have everything you need to make yourself feel at home and turn this workshop into an unforgettable experience to draw on for a lifetime.


During the afternoon breaks, you can hike, take a trip to the lake, laze around in the garden or play games with your fellow participants. The leaders of the workshop will be Radical Honesty trainers Marvin Schulz and Sebastian James who come equipped with a combined 13 years of Radical Honesty experience. They will be assisted by a Radical Honesty Trainer candidate.

(Note: If you’re interested in participating in a future Radical Honesty Trainer’s Training, attendance at an RH 8-day intensive workshop is a prerequisite for attending the TT.)

Here’s what you will learn at the workshop

  • Let go of shame, fear and attachment to approval

  • Be completely and compassionately honest

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Share with others - laugh out loud, cry and yell, smile and dance

  • Ask for everything you want; expand your ability to give & receive

  • Heal relationships with full-body forgiveness

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Brad Blanton—Radical Honesty founder—about the workshop

“The 8-Day workshop is an experiential course in living out loud, increasing your capacity for intimacy and creativity, and living your life on purpose, instead of residing in the jail of your mind and reacting to life’s circumstances while believing you’re in control.

“In our workshops, we get together to make some agreements about what we will do together for the next nine days. One of the most important agreements is that we will tell the truth to each other completely for the next nine days. If that was all that occurred, and there were no other agenda whatsoever, the course would be powerful because the power of that agreement alone is incredible.”

Here’s what former workshop participants say about the leaders:

I attended a weekend Radical Honesty workshop in Berlin, where Marvin was the facilitator. I imagine his style of leading the workshops and guiding participants in the exercises is similar and loyal to the founder Brad Blanton's approach, and I appreciate him for that. If you're interested in attending a workshop led by Marvin, I suggest that you don't hesitate and overthink and just do it. I recommend his work and commitment to practicing Radical Honesty. I have also become his friend since meeting him through workshops.” Morgana from New York

Over the course of my life as a counselor, coach and hypnotherapist, I’ve attended at least a hundred workshops. The Radical Honesty weeklong-workshop with Sebastian and Marvin in Greece is definitely in the top drawer of all my workshop experiences. Some of the techniques that I saw practised in this workshop will be useful additions to my repertoire of communication skills. For example, “I appreciate you for…”, “I resent you for…”, “I imagine that you…”. These techniques really enhance the honesty in human interactions. When it comes to my own radical honesty I am now a confirmed “RadHon”. Richard from Ottawa

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“I’ve been to multiple workshops run by Dr. Brad Blanton and others. From each one I’ve become more direct, awake and connected with the people in the workshops and people in my home life. The workshop led by Marvin was the best weekend workshop I’ve been to and I’ll be going back for more with him in 2019. If you’re thinking to go to a workshop to see what the Radical Honesty fuss is all about, Marvin Schulz embodies and teaches with clarity, passion, vigor and humour, and you’ll be lead through your own ways of being unusually honest by a leader with great skill, who fuses compassion and real power.” Alex from Bristol 

“Over the course of my life, I‘ve developed a life strategy based on dishonesty, avoiding confrontation and submitting to fear. At the time I grew tired of my way of living I was recommended to go to Sebastian’s Radical honesty workshop which became a large breakthrough for me. I rediscovered the importance of direct communication and the freedom it carries. Every member of the group had chance to practice being direct on o number of exercises and interactions with other participants. I consider this workshop as a great first step for someone who had decided to actively change his own life.” Josef from Prague


More about the location and our awesome, original cottage

Located in the Heart of Europe, easily accessible by car or train from Germany, lies the city of Reichenberg. The area offers breathtaking hiking trails, authentic European mixed woodland, lakes and viewpoints. You can bring your bike and cycle around in the breaks, meditate by yourself in the garden, or join the other participants in watching the sunset. 

Our house is a cozy, rustic cottage with a wellness sauna, wooden bathtub, and a barn for relaxing by the fire. The decoration is charming and homey with lots of love for details. The house has seven bathrooms, two fireplaces and a large dining area to relax in.



Spring is the perfect time to be in Reichenberg with temperatures around 20 degrees on average, lots of blooming trees and plants. Bring your hiking boots!


The rooms are shared amongst two, three, or four people. There is one warm and cozy attic with five sleeping spots. If you want to sleep alone, you are welcome to bring a tent.

When exactly does the workshop start and end?

We kick off the workshop on Saturday, 2nd of May around 5pm. 

We will end on Sunday, 10th of May around 1pm

Who can participate?

Anyone! No prior experience with Radical Honesty is required. You will, though, have to agree to the workshop’s commitments: to keep confidentiality, to tell the truth, to support others in telling the truth, to be on time and present, to allow the trainers to coach you and to ask for what you want. We also recommend you read Brad Blanton’s books Radical Honesty and/or Practicing Radical Honesty before the workshop.


Please plan your travels in a way for you to be present at each session. To make this workshop work for you and everyone else, we will all agree to take part in every session, including the naked work, body movement, meditation and telling of life stories. If you have any concerns with any of the program, let us know.

How can I join?

The group is strictly limited to 16 participants. In order to join, write us a message. You will have to pay a deposit to reserve your spot. We expect this workshop to be fully booked.. So, if you want to attend, we suggest that you book your spot sooner rather than later.

How much does this cost?

The early bird price is €2,250 (when the fee is fully paid by 31st of December 2019); thereafter the regular price is €2,490. To secure your spot at the early bird price, you can pay a deposit of €500 now and the balance before the workshop starts.

About the Trainers

Sebastian James-cela.jpg

Sebastian James is one of the few certified Radical Honesty Trainers who is also a professional psychotherapist. A Master in psychology, Sebastian leads honesty workshops for a few Fortune 500 companies and supports employees in the corporate sector in maintaining mental health. In his private practice, Sebastian has worked with individuals and couples from over 35 countries. He’s a graduate of a five-year training in psychodynamic work with groups, three-year family system therapy training, and a long-term friend of Dr. Brad Blanton. 

“Growing up in a highly dysfunctional family, the son of two narcissistic parents (my mom wants to be the president of the Czech Republic and my dad is a self-proclaimed cult leader called Neo who claims to have no children – go and figure that one out), my interest in psychotherapy was as a natural reaction to my environment. As a late bloomer and lonely child, I needed quite a while to outgrow feeling sorry for myself and tapping into my strengths to create a meaningful and happy life, which Radical Honesty became the groundwork for.”

Sebastian, raised in financial abundance while starved of deep connections, is no stranger to depression and loneliness – as well as being in denial about it. He had to learn to parent himself emotionally and, after trying numerous spiritual practices, found refuge in the work of Dr. Blanton. Radical Honesty helped him outgrow his childhood drama, set healthy boundaries, create nourishing friendships & relationships, and develop the courage to speak up for himself.

Naturally, Sebastian’s focus is on honest communication, unconditional support, and building trust. Sebastian also works on integrating shadow parts and supports his participants in setting realistic goals in a not-so-serious, joyful manner. His style is one of playful challenge and deep listening in order to create an environment where all feelings are welcome to be experienced as long as they last.

If you want to learn more, visit his website:


Marvin Schulz, M.Sc., is one of the most experienced Radical Honesty Trainers and organizes workshops in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. As a former auditor for investment banks in New York and Executive Assistant for a multi-billion dollar company on Broadway, Marvin experienced the detrimental effects of lying and withholding first hand: at age 26, he was depressed and burned out.

“I had a promising career in front of me. However, I felt horrible and empty. None of the money I made could compensate for my inner yearning for love, connection and a happy life. After deciding not to kill myself, I opted for a Radical Honesty Workshop. After that, I still killed myself, but in a very different way: I killed my self-image and completed my past.”

He left the corporate rat wheel and embarked on his journey towards a more authentic, joyous, and connected life. He moved back to Germany and healed his own wounds by having honest conversations with important people. He cleaned up his past using Radical Honesty. Dr. Blanton invited Marvin to live at his place in Virginia for one season and certified him as a Radical Honesty trainer three years later.

Here is a beautiful video from one of Marvin’s workshops.

Marvin has the ability to bring humor into seemingly serious processes while staying compassionate and curious. He is comfortable going into discomfort and can guide participants in re-experiencing hurt and pain while holding them in the here and now. His style is inquisitive, simple, and direct – often with a wink and never without compassion. Marvin has lived in China, Mexico, South Africa and the United States and studied cross-cultural communication. He currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic, where he produces music, drinks coffee and enjoys what he often calls the most beautiful city in the world.  

If you want to learn more, visit his website: