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Advanced Retreat | Berlin | July 4-7 | €390- 450

Workshop Leader T uulia Syvänen

Workshop led by Certified Trainers, Marvin Schulz and Michael Kolb, and Trainer Candidate, Jura Glo

So you’ve been to one or more Radical Honesty workshops and done some completion talks with important people in your life? You’ve made some new friends and practiced the basics of our radically honest language to help you stay present, moment to moment? Now, you are wondering what the deep end of Radical Honesty might be?

Good… we have a special (Re)treat for you.

This Advanced Retreat is designed only for people who have been to at least one weekend workshop and have practiced Radical Honesty in their lives. Once you know by experience how to complete your past and stay present we will focus on how to build a lifetime of joy, contribution, and creative output in the areas you feel called towards.


We will go deeper into

  • How to find what you love to do

  • How to design a Life Purpose Statement and work towards it

  • How to ask for what you want and address your needs in a direct way

  • How to cooperate with others on an ongoing basis

  • How to stay present and keep staying present

  • How to boost your creative output

  • How to get over hangups and move on in life quickly

To do this, we have invited a special guest from the United States - Michael Alan Kolb.

Mak Belize (cropped).JPG

Mak is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer who built his own Eco Lodge and Retreat Center in the Costa Rican rainforest. Apart from pursuing his dream to live in the jungle and leave the U.S. behind, Michael was a lead singer in multiple bands, played in Hollywood musicals, and lived in a transformed school bus in the middle of Los Angeles for years. He will share his insights on how Radical Honesty has been one of the key methods to get shit done and make great friends in the process.

Read about Mak here.

Apart from Mak, we have Marvin Schulz: a former financial auditor for New York-based investment banks and corporate strategist for billion dollar companies. Marvin broke free from the corporate wheel by using Radical Honesty and now produces & performs music, leads Radical Honesty workshops all over Europe, and lives in his favorite city Prague. He is one of the most experienced trainers in Europe in terms of workshops conducted. Marvin is also the author of two books and owner of his one-man marketing agency.


More information about Marvin, visit his Facebook Page.

Jura Glo is an experienced transformational workshop leader, a self-taught personal development coach in honesty, intimacy, and sexuality and Radical Honesty trainer candidate. 6 years ago she quit her Master’s studies, her job and later on her apartment, packed her backpack and went on living without money around the world. She learned trust, vulnerability, compassion and cooperation by working and living with indigenous and modern people, growing food, building eco-houses, caring for animals and plants, being in solitude and working remotely on spreading the message and practice of Radical Honesty. She created the biggest in Europe Radical Honesty community in Berlin, managed and attended workshops and retreats, lived and learned from the master trainer Taber Shadburne, started another community of Radical Honesty in her home country Lithuania, restored the broken bridges in her family and continues exploring different paradigms in her life. She believes that without Radical Honesty she would have never dared to do what she dreamed of.


Jura's work is on | TransformWork | Radical Honesty Berlin

This experienced trio of trainers will lead by example and share their personal experiences of how to make life work for you, rather than be a victim of circumstances. The curriculum is comprised of group and paired exercises, process work, Gestalt hot-seat, and life purpose work.


Date: July 4-7, 2019

Timing: Thursday 19:00 o’clock to Sunday 21:00 o’clock (including 18 hours of the curriculum).

The closing of the workshop is on Sunday at 18 o’clock, please don’t plan your departure before that time).

Early Bird: 390 EUR + EV fees until May 20th.

Retreat Price: 450 EUR + EV fees thereafter.

*Pay directly to Jura and skip Eventbrite (EV) fees. Details find here:

Shared Accommodation (optional): 15 EUR/person/night, 5 EUR/person towel and sheets

Vegetarian home-made Food (optional): 15 EUR/person/day, 3 meals/day incl. Thursday welcome dinner. Please bring in cash and pay at the end of the retreat.


We invite you to spend the weekend at Liebeskunst – a truly loving and loveable community just outside of Berlin. The space is perfect if you’re looking for an escape from the busy city life, leave your phone behind, relax and reconnect in nature, purify your emotional and physical body with sauna, outdoor meditation, and evening fire. Bring an instrument if you have!

You can either sleep over at the venue house with us, or get back to the city, which is just 30 minutes away. But given that we have our own sauna, garden, and plenty of space outside to enjoy the warm summer nights of July, you would not want to do that, would you?

On top of our regular curriculum, we will include communal evening activities to make the most of this unique opportunity to practice honesty in nature.


The Farm
Dorfplatz 3
12526 Berlin

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