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Advanced 7-Day Retreat | North Germany | August 17-24 | $2250- $2500


Workshop led by Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne and Certified Trainer, Marvin Schulz.

Radical Honesty 7-Day Advanced Retreat
Borgdorfer See, Northern Germany

So now you've taken a workshop or several. You’ve learned the concepts, done the exercises, acquired the tools, maybe even dared to take it out into the world a little.

But as you've probably figured out by now, this work isn't a quick fix, and “understanding” it is a far cry from really “doing” it. It takes a lot of practice! Ideally, with “adult supervision” from an experienced and skilled guide.

This is a newly designed retreat, created for serious Radical Honesty and R/evolutionary R/elating practitioners who have attended at least one workshop, and who want to practice Radical Honesty, earnestly, in their daily lives. This retreat will help you take your personal practice of Radical Honesty to the next level.




You  want to take it all deeper,

This will take time in the trenches,

so you can actually INTEGRATE & EMBODY this way of being together…

Time for an Advanced Retreat…

Time  to simmer in the stew of shared awareness and transformational truth telling.  So we’re offering a retreat that will support you just that kind of practice. There won't be many structured exercises and lectures.  Mostly, Taber will be facilitating you in the experiential practice of really BEING together, fully present in the moment, with whatever is arising within and between us. There  is no substitute for this kind of learning through osmosis.

Ultimately,  this work is not something you can learn by talking about it. You can't learn it with your head. You have to learn it, in real time, with your whole body.  You cannot master it by thinking about it. You have to DO  it. You have to spend as much time as possible engaged in the process, as an interpersonal, out loud meditation... preferably with those who have lots of experience  in the work, and have already embodied  it.  



We  will come together in this way, and we will support each other in peeling back the heavy layers of protection we have been carrying around for so long, dropping our defenses, shedding our old rusty armor, so that we may,  at last, see each other clearly, hold each other closely.

For  the biggest barrier to openness, honesty, and connection is… FEAR.

Whereas,  honesty, done well, is not only liberating and personally freeing.

It  is an ACT OF LOVE -- love of yourself, love of others, and love of Reality... acceptance and love of WHAT IS.

We’re not talking about some namby pamby, fluffy clouds and rainbows and unicorns kinda “love”. Real Love takes guts and courage. With Real Love, you will find the willingness to face and embrace ALL of your experience, the integrity to take responsibility for it,  and the courage to name it all out loud. With Real Love, you will face your fears and pain directly, and dissolve them with the power of compassion. With Real Love, you will treat others in the same way.

Together,  you and I, and a few of our friends, will learn this powerful kind of Love.

And, practically speaking, with this Real Love and through our time together on retreat, you’ll have a chance to:

  • Heal close relationships,  with full-body forgiveness

  • Shed your shame,  fear, attachment to approval

  • Open-heartedly share  yourself, & support others to do so

  • Be completely and  compassionately honest

  • Go beyond blame &  use conflict creatively

  • Ask for everything  you want, expanding your ability to give & receive

  • Create deeper love,  connection & intimacy.


DSC06158 (1).jpg

We  will playfully practice the serious work of transformation, by engaging in meditation and movement, “R/evolutionary R/elating”, and conscious conversation.  We will courageously reveal ourselves to each other, listen to each other, and create deep, soulful connection.

Taber will answer all questions, offer personal coaching and feedback, hotseat work, and homeopathic doses of teaching. To keep everything lively and flowing, we’ll also engage in music and dance. We’ll fall ever more in Love with ourselves and each other, and we’ll  work hard at having some serious fun.


Saturday, August 17, 2019 @ 6:00 PM -
Saturday, August 24, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

The early bird price is €2,250 for a shared room (when the fee is fully paid by May 1, 2019); thereafter the regular price is €2,500 for a shared room. There will be a limited number of solo rooms available for an additional €150.  A €500 deposit is required to reserve your spot, with the full balance due before the workshop. The fee covers the teaching, daily healthy meals, and accommodations.

Scholarships and payment plans available as needed.  To apply, fill out this form.

We’ll be in the North German countryside, staying in “Haus am Moor,” a large house nestled  in a beautiful meadow, surrounded by trees and next to a moor, with a gorgeous swimming lake a short walk away.  With no neighbors around, we’ll enjoy total seclusion, in this sweet, natural setting. The house is in the German Nature Reserve of Westensee.

Getting There:
By Train: The best way to get to Nortorf Bahnhof is by train.  From Hamburg, take the Regional Express to Flensburg. From there you can take the bus to Schülp (b. Nortorf) Torfwerk.  Then it’s a three minute walk to the house.

By Bus:  Best to take the bus from Neumünster ZOB. From Neumünster you can take the bus to Schülp (b. Nortorf) Dorf. From here you can take the bus to Schülp (b. Nortorf) Torfwerk. Then it is 3 minutes walk to the house.

By Car: Click here for Google Maps directions.

By Plane: Less than an hour drive (72 km) from the Hamburg airport, which connects 130 cities across Europe.  There is a bus directly from the airport to Neumünster.

Arriving Early / Staying Late:
If you want to arrive the day before and/or depart one day after the retreat ends, you can book those additional nights at an additional cost of €40 per night. Note: during those periods outside of the actual retreat, you'll be on your own for food.

If you have any questions about logistics please reach out to Kerrin here. To learn more about the content of the workshop please reach out to Manal here.



Taber Shadburne, M.A., is a cutting-edge counselor and teacher of transformation who has helped thousands of folks transform their lives and their relationships for over 30 years.  

He has led life-changing workshops in about 60 cities, in 20 countries, on five continents. He studied Zen for 10 years, lived and practiced at the Dharma Rain Zen Center, and has worked deeply with various spiritual teachers.  He has a B.A. in Music and Comparative Religion and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology.

Taber is the creator of the work known as R/evolutionary R/elating, which he teaches all over the world. He has also worked closely with Dr. Brad Blanton for 20 years, and is the only person ever to be certified by Brad as a Master Trainer of Radical Honesty.  Taber co-authored a book, "The Heart of Healing: Inspired Ideas, Wisdom and Comfort from Today's Leading Voices," with notables such as Deepak Chopra, and he founded the Church of Soul, in Oakland, California, and the White Hawk Sanctuary, a progressive spiritual retreat center, in the hills outside San Diego.  He is also a passionate professional musician and recording artist. Read more about him here, or check out what others have to say here.

Marvin Schulz, M.Sc., has worked for multiple billion dollar corporations around the world and audited investment banks in New York City. His life was a thick web of lies, withholdings, and secret agendas – he was a top-notch, corporate liar!

After 6 years of transformative work, including living with Dr. Brad Blanton, hundreds of tough conversations, long-term traveling, and living in places around the world, Marvin now teaches Radical Honesty Workshops.He lives in Prague and produces music, writes books, and travels to teach workshops, protect the rainforest, and expand global consciousness.

"I think most human suffering and depression is caused by a lack of close connection to fellow human beings. Once we start opening up to the world around us–tell our story, express ourselves directly, and share our thoughts and feelings–we can create a future of our own design. I want to help you acquire the necessary tools for sharing yourself honestly with the world, get over past hurt and upset, and learn to stay in the present moment while working towards a happy future."

More information about Marvin, visit his Facebook Page.

Further support will be provided by Andrew King, Kerrin Espeloer, and Manal Yamout who are all Trainers in Training.