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Trainer's Training | Florida | March 16-24, 2019 | €2,900- €3,200


Training led by Brad BlantonTaber Shadburne

This is a newly designed training, created for serious Radical Honesty practitioners who have attended at least one 8-day intensive workshop, and who are practicing Radical Honesty, earnestly, in their daily lives.

This training will help you take your personal practice of Radical Honesty to the next level, and, if you so desire, to use your RH skills effectively to help others, by coaching, counseling, teaching, facilitating honest conversations, resolving conflict, etc. 


We will help you to…


(understand the developmental path of the entire curriculum, as a whole):

  • Destroying the belief in Belief, rejecting the power of positive thinking

  • Losing faith in the mind

  • Finding faith in the body of Being and the power of compassionate Awareness

  • Learning the distinction between noticing and thinking

  • Gaining skill in noticing and navigating the entire awareness continuum

  • Using awareness practice to “demythologize” your life & create your own story

  • Using awareness practice and honest conversations to complete your emotional unfinished business, clear out the backlog, and clean up your karma.

  • Becoming an open-hearted and honesty-lovin’, self-cleanin’ oven

  • Moving beyond coping with past pain & becoming always already satisfied now

  • Using the power of your Love and Awareness and all your newly freed-up emotional energy to consciously create the life of your inspired waking dreams

  • Living a life of passion and purpose and using it to be a contribution to others

  • Savoring the sweet suffering of service and enjoying the deep joy of 

“being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” (George Bernard Shaw)



  • Further lose faith in your own mind, and help others to do likewise.

  • Get good at destroying others’ belief in the power of positive thinking.

  • Transcend the limitations of problem-solving, and the “fix-it” mindset,

both in the client, and in yourself, as the would-be “healer” & “fixer” of others!  :-)

  • Go beyond good and evil...beyond all blame...


  • Directing attention intentionally, in yourself and others.

  • Navigating the Awareness Continuum, in yourself and others.

  • Round the clock awareness practice throughout your daily life.

  • Unleash evolution & catalyze change by using awareness to fully experience, rather than resisting, spontaneous arising experience.


  • Distinguish between the different modes of communicating:

    • Descriptive

    • Interpretive

    • Evaluative

    • Declarative

    • Interrogative

    • Imperative

    • Explicative 

    • Poetic, etc.

  • Using descriptive language to support awareness work.

  • Using declarative language to support creation.

  • Understanding levels of abstraction & the power of descriptive specificity.



  • Full listening with whole ears, eyes, voice, body, mind

    • (mirroring, nodding, vocalizations, expressions)

  • Paraphrasing, reflection, and empathy

  • Translative paraphrasing & reframing

  • “Leading the witness” & taking the speaker deeper


  • Leading autogenic relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, yoga & awareness work.

  • Conducting various forms of “hot seat” work

    • Facilitating conversation

    • Empty chair or parts work

    • Social experiments or “Circle Work”

    • Regression work

    • Dream work

  • Skillfully using your voice in leading relaxation, meditation, yoga, hot seat work


  • Teaching body awareness and naming of sensations

  • Preparing people to have honest conversations with family, friends, etc.

  • Requesting and prefacing the clearing conversation

  • Navigating the spectrum from “Consensual Honesty” to “Commando Honesty”


Brad and Taber will answer questions on topics of interest, such as:

  • Dealing with resistance and triggers in yourself and clients

  • Working with special issues (e.g., physical & sexual abuse, suicidal thinking, etc)

  • Professional boundaries... and the lack thereof…  :-)

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 9.10.38 AM.png

Where will the training take place?

The training will take place at our favorite Hollywood, Florida mansion, just a short walk from the beach!

We've had a few workshops at this big, lovely home, and we love it- it's really been perfect for our large groups. It's got ample space for meeting, cozy nooks inside and out for relaxing during breaks, and an amazing courtyard and pool area for enjoyment anytime we can squeeze it in!

    When will the training begin and end?

    The training will begin at around 9am on Saturday, March 16th and end around 12:00pm on Sunday, March 24th.

    We'll all arrive at the house on the evening of Friday, March 15th (anytime after 6pm) so we can settle in, hang out, maybe go out to dinner, and then be up and ready to get started on Saturday morning.

    Who can attend?

    Successful completion of a Radical Honesty 8-day workshop is a requirement for participating in the RH Trainer’s Training. And when are the next RH 8-day workshops? There are two that will take place before the TT. The first one will be held in Majorca, Spain, October 6-14, 2018, and the second is in Paradise Valley, Arizona, November 2-11, 2018.

    Also, you will be asked to commit to complete your unfinished business from your past prior to the training.

    *Attendance at a Trainer's Workshop does not guarantee certification.

    Certification is based on:

    Personal Attainments:

    • Quality of contact
    • Resentments and appreciations
    • Communication with Parents
    • Communication with Spouse and Past Involvements
    • Communication with Children
    • Completing of Past Events

    Radical Honesty Attainments:

    • Co-led Weekend Workshops
    • Co-led Residential Workshops
    • Ran practice group

    How much does it cost?

    The early bird price is €2900 (when the fee is fully paid by December 15, 2018); thereafter the regular price is €3200. To book your spot, you are requested to make a €500 deposit upon signing up. The fee covers the training, daily healthy vegetarian meals, and shared accommodation.

    How does one apply?

    To apply, please send us:

    ·        a list of the Radical Honesty workshops that you have attended (and are registered to attend)

    ·        a list of the completion conversations you’ve done so far (and plan to do before the TT)

    ·        a paragraph or two on the completion conversation that was most important to you

    ·        a few paragraphs about how you have integrated Radical Honesty into your daily life and how you intend to apply the training you’ll receive at the TT

    Please send the above (maximum two pages) to

    More information?

    To receive more information about the Radical Honesty Trainer’s Training, please write to



    About the trainers:

    Dr. Brad Blanton is a psychotherapist, writer and workshop leader and the author of several books including the bestseller Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth. The book’s thesis is that the primary cause of our stress, depression and anger is us “living in a story and lying to maintain it.” Not telling our friends, lovers, spouses or bosses about what we do, feel or think keeps us locked in a mind jail. The way out is to get good at telling the truth. In this book, Brad provides the tools we can use to escape the jail of the mind.

    Brad describes himself as “white trash with a Ph.D.” Armed with quick wit and an engaging Southern accent, he speaks with an unwavering honesty that is both disarming and challenging, a quality that has earned him admirers as well as detractors. He spent 30 years in the private practice of clinical psychology and became the Director of The Center for Well Being in Washington, D.C. where he did psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and groups. In 1990 he founded the Center for Radical Honesty, a nonprofit corporation that promotes honesty in the world. Since then, Brad has led hundreds of Radical Honesty workshops in North America and Europe.

    Taber Shadburne (M.A.) is a cutting-edge counselor and teacher of transformation, who’s been helping folks transform their lives for over 25 years. He studied Zen for 10 years, living for a few of those at the Dharma Rain Zen Center, and has worked with various spiritual teachers. He received an M.A. in psychotherapy, and has done way more meditation retreats, professional trainings, spiritual practices, and touchy-feely personal growth workshops than is at all reasonable for any person his age. He co-authored the book The Heart of Healing: Inspired Ideas, Wisdom and Comfort from Today's Leading Voices. He has facilitated Radical Honesty workshops and intensives for more than 15 years.