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The Radical Honesty Unconvention | Florida | March 17-23 | $650

Workshop Leader T uulia Syvänen

Gathering hosted by Brad Blanton

Join us for the First Annual Radical Honesty Enterprises Unconvention!

This gathering will be a fun, relaxed, AND productive event during which we’ll spend time together envisioning and planning the future of Radical Honesty Enterprises (with Brad’s 2020 retirement in mind).

We’ll focus on developing and strengthening our community and our abilities to reach a lot of people through putting together both private and group lists, methods of outreach through social media, etc, as well as through building and solidifying our Trainer support system… and we’ll incorporate any other ideas that you all might share toward the greater vision of contributing Radical Honesty to the world. We’ll develop and share more details and plans as time passes.

We’ve booked the amazing Young Mansion for March 17-23, 2018. We’ll designate 3 or 4 of the days as “work days” so that if anyone is able to come for just a few days, you can plan to come during that scheduled time… or even just for the “free days” if you’d prefer!

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The Plan: The work days will be somewhat light, and we’ll all be contributing to/participating in the talks and sessions. There won’t be much leading by Brad except for mostly structural things, maybe using the World Cafe model for extensive focused discussions. Basically, the Unconvention will be comprised mostly of casual creative conversation and focused brainstorming sessions, making decisions for upcoming development and marketing, and creating a new future together. We’ll also see what comes up, naturally, through socializing at the mansion, hanging out at the pool, eating meals together, and everything else we’ll be up to during the week!

The Food: Meals and meal times will not be as strictly set as during our more formal and structured workshops, though many meals will be provided and we’ll have a great chef with us to do much of the cooking. Lunch and breakfast will generally be light, and you may end up wanting to spend some money going out (or ordering in) for a couple meals here and there.

The Location: The Young Mansion- 1055 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood FL 33019

This is an awesome house just a few minutes walk to the beach! The home accommodates 23 or 24 people, with shared rooms- no private rooms.

We can check in to the house at 4pm on Saturday, March 17th, and we’ll need to check out at 10am on Friday, March 23rd, so plan your travel accordingly.

The home is about 25 minutes (and a $17 Lyft ride) from the Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and is about 40 minutes (and a $35 Lyft ride) from the Miami International Airport.

The Cost: $650 will cover your participation and relaxation, along with your lodging and food! Pretty great deal, if you ask us.

Registration is only open to Radical Honesty Trainers and Trainer Candidates, and to people personally invited by Brad. Contact if you’re unsure that you fit into any of those categories and you’re attempting to register.

Reserve your spot now by paying your non-refundable deposit of $350, or jump on in and pay the full amount now. 

Email if you’ve got any questions.

Thanks, we look forward to seeing you in March!