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Weekend Workshop | Miami Shores, Florida | February 17-18 | $235


Weekend Workshop led by Raven Dana

Power of Honesty
How to Get the Life you Want by Telling the Truth
A Radical Honesty Program

The time for silence is over. It’s time to share our stories, become women instead of ‘good girls’ and embody the fullness of our power to evolve. Hiding, living in fear, putting up with, pretending and acting small are behaviors that serve no one and perpetuate the beliefs that foster bias and violence. It’s time to stand up, stand together, and refuse to stand by while the same old atrocities are swept under the rug.

We are surrounded by deception. As a culture, our ever-growing tolerance for dishonesty has created an epidemic. By telling the truth, and supporting each other in becoming competent Truth-Tellers, we can step out of the shadows and build relationships and communities grounded in compassion, understanding and acceptance.

As each of us chooses to be honest with ourselves and each other, our lives change –our relationships improve, stress decreases- and our culture changes. This makes telling the truth a transformative and revolutionary act. An act of rebellion. A healing act. An act of Power.

In this program you will:

  • Learn how to break through the bitch/good-girl paradox.

  • Stop ‘avoiding conflict’ and tell the truth simply and with kindness.

  • Clean up problem relationships and heal the past.

  • Be exactly as you are without guilt or apology.

  • Stop being a victim and take meaningful action.

Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10:30-3:30  

Price: $235

Summit Condos, Ocean Drive
Hollywood, Florida

About Your Trainer Raven Dana


Raven Dana, aka “The Stress Wizard,” is a life coach and mentor who helps people resolve their hang-ups and recognize their own bullshit in order to clear the pathway to enjoying life. She is based out of Cleveland; she offers local and long-distance coaching options.

She is a clinical handwriting analyst, personal development trainer, author and speaker.  Dana trained with therapist Dr. Brad Blanton and is a Radical Honesty™ Trainer.  She studied Remote Viewing with former US military trainer Lyn uchannan, and has completed Dream Teacher training with world renowned author Robert Moss.  Raven is dedicated to exploring the mysterious worlds in which we live, and to developing the magnificent powers of the human mind.