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Weeklong Workshop | Greece | Aug 8-15 | €700- €975

Workshop Leader Tuulia Syvänen

Workshop led by Brad Blanton

Relaxed Radical Honesty retreat on the beautiful Pelion peninsula!
A weeklong Radical Honesty workshop in Kissos, Greece

Join us at the Kalikalos holistic community in Kissos, Greece for a week that is part workshop and part vacation! Each day we’ll have a four-hour long workshop session and then spend the rest of the day enjoying our beautiful surroundings and each other’s company.

Daily Agenda
Each morning, before breakfast, we’ll do an (optional) session of yoga and meditation. Then at 8:30, we’ll eat breakfast. Some of you will be asked to give a hand preparing fruit for breakfast.

After breakfast, from 9:30 till 1:30, we’ll come together for our Radical Honesty group session. The sessions will include an introduction to Radical Honesty; a deeper dive into RH; and learning through theory, discussions, sharing and exercises on how to be radically honest. We’ll do group and paired exercises as well as hot seat work.

At 1:30, we’ll break for lunch.

After lunch, we’ll be free to hike through the lush green forest, lay on a white sandy beach, swim in the Aegean Sea, chill at the village tavernas, lounge in the hammocks, talk amongst ourselves, etc.

From 6 PM to 8:30 PM is community time, when 2 or 3 of our group will garden and cook  together, or help later on with the clean-up. Dinner will be served at 8:00, and after eating we can talk, dance, sing, drink, play and hang out. We can practice being radically honest with each other and converse about how we can live our lives in love and in contribution to others.

Sitting at an altitude of 515 meters on a forested hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea, Kissos isa quaint village of fruit trees, flowers and greenery. A beautiful and ornately decorated 17th century Greek Orthodox church stands on the village square. The square is surrounded by several tavernas, one of which will be the site of our end-of-our-week celebratory dinner. In Greek mythology, the Pelion peninsula was the home of the Centaurs and from where Jason set off in his quest for the magic fleece.

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In the past, at this time of year—early August—the average temperature in Kissos has ranged from 18 to 32 degrees Centigrade.

Our host in Greece is the Kalikalos holistic center whose vision is: “A world where authentic community and sustainable living are the foundation of all aspects of our society.” And their mission is: “Pioneering holistic education through the medium of authentic community from the heart of Greece.” For more information about Kalikalos, please visit

Getting there
Kissos is about 35 km (an hour’s drive over the mountain) from the port city of Volos. The Volos airport is served by a small number of flights from western/northern Europe. From the Athens or Thessaloniki airports, travel first to Volos via bus and/or train. 

Click here for more information about traveling to Kissos.

Included in the price of the workshop are vegetarian/vegan meals prepared from local produce.

The price of the workshop is based on your accommodation:

  • Tent spot (2 only):  €700
  • Triple/quad room:  €750
  • Twin room:  €825
  • Single room:  €975

Please note: Rooms at the Alexandros Center are limited, we will host late bookers in twin accommodation (€925) in a nearby guesthouse, overlooking the marvelous Ageian sea.

The registration link, below, will take you to the Kalikalos website to register.

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