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"I am a certified Radical Honesty Trainer living in Ulm, southern Germany. I lead ongoing groups and weekend workshops in german and sometimes in english, too. In addition to that I offer coaching and faciliated conversations with the intent to support you in owning your shit and clearing it to create deeper connection and freedom in your life.

I first experienced this work in August 2016 and have been a dedicated practitioner ever since. In early 2017, I began assisting Tuulia Syvänen with facilitating at workshops and have completed two RH Trainer’s Trainings led by Brad Blanton and Taber Shadburne. In June of 2018 I got certified.

My passion for this work is fueled by knowing what it feels like to constantly withhold true feelings while trying to please others. I wasted a lot of energy trying to be the nicest guy in the world. I’ve transformed my old self-image of being introverted, shy and sensitive. While those traits are still present in me, now I’m also comfortable expressing other parts of myself, like being loud, outgoing, cheerful and joyous."


View Jakob’s Personal Radical Honesty here (in German)

Check out Radical Honesty Online - a weekly practice group designed to deepen your skills in honest sharing and support you in integrating this work into your everyday life.

You will meet people that practice Radical Honesty, do a bunch of exercises, work on specific topics (sex, money, shame,...), prepare your completion talks and meet a variety of trainers in the monthly guest session.

Requirements to join: You speak german and have been to at least one weekend workshop or retreat.

Find out all the details and registration on Jakob's Website.

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