The Radical Honesty Podcast

Hosted by Tony Shawcross and Brad Blanton, PHD


Podcast 3: #metoo & Radical Honesty

In this episode, Brad and Tony are joined by three Radical Honesty Trainers: Sarah , Lindsay, and Selina to discuss the #MeToo movement, share personal #metoo stories, and explore how practicing Radical Honesty could shift the whole conversation. 

The guests consider the possibility of getting to forgiveness and freedom from our condemnation of another, even while still disagreeing with what someone did, and while still being committed to making the change that we want to see in the world.


Podcast 2: Becoming a creator

Brad and Tony explore the topic of becoming a creator and how the creations in our minds interacts and often disrupts the perceptual creations of our bodies. 


Podcast 1: Poisonous Relating

Brad and Tony explore the ways our culture, our politicians, and ourselves relate in poisonous ways. Based on the work of Fritz Perls, Brad shares how sharing honestly in our relationships and in our culture is one of the ways we reduce this ongoing poisoning.