Residential Workshops

Intensive, Multi--day Experiences in Radical Honesty


The 8-Day Residential Workshop is the most powerful way to experience the benefits of Radical Honesty in a supportive environment. 


A Year of Therapy in 8 Days

The Residential Workshop is an intensive, full-time, communal experience designed to bring you the benefits of a year of therapy in 8 days (i.e. decrease in anxiety, better sleep and sexual life, more intimacy and connection, having more fun.)

You’ll live together and experiment with telling the truth out loud, sharing what you notice about others, about your body, and about the thoughts going through your mind.

Through this direct sharing guided by Radical Honesty trainers, you’ll quickly see how you are often your own worst enemy, holding yourself back, blocking intimacy, and using your mind to make yourself stressed, unhappy, disconnected, anxious and depressed. Your constant worrying, carefulness, fear of saying the wrong thing, turns out to be mostly a God damned waste of time!



*Even though some Radical Honesty trainers may be licensed clinical psychologists, Radical Honesty workshops are not psychotherapy, but are a training in personal growth and development.


Honesty is the Basis for Intimacy

The Workshop is geared toward learning and practicing the distinction between noticing and thinking. You'll learn that  interpreting reality first is often a mistake, and actually noticing it through direct experience, and reporting that first, will ground you in the moment and create connection.

When you learn to share with others honestly about what you notice, you co-create the basis for intimacy—learning to love being and love other beings for the shared experience of being here together.

Residential Participants in Florida

Residential Participants in Florida


What We Actually Do

The Residential Workshop is packed with activities including unstructured time each day to connect and
experiment with your fellow workshop participants.




Hot Seat Work


Directed Conversations


Autogenic Relaxation 


Paired Exercises


Couple's Work


Group Exercises


Post-workshop community


This workshop is for you if:

  • You’ve been to a Weekend Workshop and want to keep going.

  • You stop yourself from being honest with others because you believe they can’t handle it.

  • You dread going to family gatherings and working so hard to interact and uphold pretenses.

  • You’re excited and scared to stop pretending with your friends and family.

  • You get mad at your spouse, parents, and colleagues and you’re not sure how to get over it.

  • Your sex life is dull and getting worse, and you usually withhold the ideas and impulses you have.

  • You’re afraid to be honest with your partner.


Residential Workshop Schedule


Residential Workshops are usually 8 days and 9 nights- an arrival evening, 8 full days of workshop sessions, and a short closing session on the departure morning. That sounds like a lot of time but it isn’t. There’s so much to do, so much to unlearn, and so much to practice that we might as well make it a month. 

The daily schedule will be roughly as follows and participants will be asked to make an agreement to be present for everything listed here:

8-9am Guided Stretching & Meditation
9-10am Breakfast
10am- 1:30pm Morning Session (with a couple of short breaks)
1:30- 4:30pm Lunch Break (eat, relax, exercise, etc)
4:30-6:30pm Afternoon Session
6:30-8pm Dinner Break
8-10pm Life Stories Session

You can count on the schedule changing a bit here and there, though we’ll pretty closely follow what you see above.



We start each day by stretching, deeply relaxing, goofing off, and eating breakfast together. We check in with our friends and ourselves and see how we’re all doing. Then we begin our morning session which includes conversations with each other, discussions, and teaching.



After a delicious lunch, we have a two hour break to relax by the pool, hop in the jacuzzi and connect with others in the group. Then we meet for a later afternoon session that includes hot seat work, communication skill building, and we take care of whatever bubbles up in the group.

On the fifth day, we all get naked. One at a time we’ll stand in front of the group and talk about what we like and don’t like about our body and tell our sexual histories.



After dinner, we meet to hear two life stories. Each person is given one hour to tell the story of their life. The next morning the group discusses the stories and gives feedback. Each person will receive a video of their story.


What Participants Are Saying


"Before I took the 8-Day Radical Honesty workshops I was a fucking mess, depressed and hiding behind an everything-is-going-fine mask. Now I'm just a mess! More happily exposed and open, I enjoy my life more now, no longer thinking the world will end if people see the real me, and it's just beginning." 

- Brad Mackey, Vancouver, B.C.



"I did my first 8-Day Residential Workshop 3 years ago now, and I imagine I'm still feeling the results today. Having taken part in four others now, I have a story that the workshop was the most transformative. Supported by Brad and the group member's love and complete commitment to honesty, I kept myself in my experience all day every day, and left the workshop feeling as if my life had changed course forever. I recommend it to everyone I meet."

- Laura Turley, England


“After my first 8-Day workshop, my life changed. I was stressed about my girlfriend's pregnancy with my first child while I was jobless, without a plan, and without a car. In fact, I hitchhiked from Texas to Virginia to get to the workshop. After the workshop, I came back grounded, with a sense of purpose, and more responsive to the people in my life as well as myself.

Now, many years later, I'm grateful I spent the money and stuck my thumb out to be at that 8 day workshop. I have a much deeper connection to everyone in my life, my girlfriend and I are long since separated, and we co-parent like a dream team. I say that because our son, 5 years old now, is more responsive and emotionally present than most adults I work with.

I can't help but attribute our parenting style and the responsiveness present in our relationships to the concrete skills I developed 6 years ago in that first 8-Day workshop. My life has changed, and looking back, the investment was worth every penny and every mile.” 

- Beau McDermott, Texas


Upcoming Residential Workshops


Important: Even though some Radical Honesty trainers may be licensed clinical psychologists, Radical Honesty workshops are not psychotherapy, but are a training in personal growth and development. You will be asked to agree that you are completely responsible for your own well being during the course of the workshop and thereafter, and hold Radical Honesty Enterprises and it’s sponsors and trainers harmless.


Scary huh? Still too uncertain to sign up?

That’s okay.  We understand. We have a bumper sticker that says:
“Radical Honesty! … Works Pretty Good! … Most of the Time!”

Talk to Lindsay, she will help you decide if you are ready for this or not.  
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