Radical Honesty Year-in-Review 2018


This has been an incredible year for the growth of Radical Honesty and for the Radical Honesty community. When lying and the effects of lying are constantly part of the national conversation, the benefits of Radical Honesty become more and more obvious. 

So, below, we’ve taken some time to reflect on what has happened this past year, what we're proud of, and what we're shooting for in 2019!

Radical Honesty in the News

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Megyn Kelly wrote about Brad and Radical Honesty in her book, Settle For More, and then she raved about Radical Honesty and the benefits of “telling the truth all the time” on her now-defunct-show Megyn Kelly TODAY.  

And we finally saw a more-than-superficial piece about Radical Honesty in the Huffington Post. Brittany Wong wrote, “Practicing Radical Honesty might be the best way to stave off complacency in a long-term relationship,” and that although it can sometimes seem scary, it could be worth trying.

Next Year: We’re always looking for interesting speaking opportunities for Brad. If you have a podcast or blog, get in touch and let’s get Brad on your calendar in 2019.

Radical Honesty Resources


First off, book sales and audio books doubled this year thanks to President Trump! 

Second, we created lots of new resources to learn about Radical Honesty. Here’s a short list of our favorites!

  1. Stone tablets: At our Unconvention in March, we came up with the basic principles of Radical Honesty. If you haven’t see them yet, give them a read here

  2. Podcasts: Brad, John, and the RH community did some great podcasts. Check out Brad on two episodes of the Humans in Love podcast. The first is about radically honest relationships and the second talks about Anthony Bourdain and suicide.John had fun conversations on the T and A Talk Sex show and on Carl Munson's Communities for a World that Works. Trainer Laura Turley started the Truthtellers podcast to showcase stories from folks using Radical Honesty in their lives. 

  3. Article Series: Brad wrote a three-part series about Creating Your Future that is perfect to read in preparation for 2019. 

Next Year: We've teamed up with a long-time friend of Radical Honesty to help us prepare some new online courses about completion work and develop marketing materials to spread the word about Radical Honesty to different communities.

Radical Honesty Worldwide Workshops

Radical Honesty Workshop in Italy

Radical Honesty Workshop in Italy

This year, we saw a surge in the number of Radical Honesty workshops offered to the world. Our Radical Honesty Trainers hosted 50+ workshops in 10 countries and have already planned 30 more for next year. We are so proud of the challenging work they are doing supporting others and themselves in noticing and living out loud together.

We also hosted our every-now-and-then Unconvention, a mixture of visioning for the future and playtime. This year, Charles Eisenstein hung out with us. He is a powerful thinker who talked to us about how to hold a strong vision for the future and his ideas about the gift economy. We recommend you read his book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.

Charles and Brad at the Radical Honesty Unconvention.

Charles and Brad at the Radical Honesty Unconvention.

Next Year: If you’re interested in bringing a Radical Honesty workshop to community or activist group, workplace, or hometown, get in touch and we’ll connect you with a trainer and help you make it happen. 

Radical Honesty Trainer and Trainer Candidate Community

Our Trainer and Trainer Candidate community is growing as more people are becoming interested in living and teaching Radical Honesty. Taber Shadburne revamped the Trainer's Training and led one in Italy with Brad and another by himself in England. We've welcomed 25 new trainer candidates to the community of our previous 10. And we certified one new trainer, Jakob Eichhorn, who is now leading workshops in Europe. 

We maintained our monthly trainer calls and recently started a peer trainer call series where trainer candidates can practice facilitating and embodying Radical Honesty together. 

Next Year: Becoming a trainer takes a lot of practice, so we’ll be clarifying our trainer path and continuing to find ways to support trainer candidates in practicing Radical Honesty. If you have interest in advanced training, make sure you sign up for an 8-Day workshop next year and consider coming to our Advanced 8-day in Florida in March, 2019, led by the dynamic duo, Brad and Taber!

Radical Honesty Enterprises

Here are some of the details about the behind-the-scenes of Radical Honesty:

  1. New Website: We launched our new website way back in January and have had a steady stream of new subscribers to our newsletter because of it, about 15 new folks each day (we're glad you're here!).

  2. Updated Trademark: Radical Honesty's trademark is all set up so we're in tip-top legal shape until the end of the world!

  3. New RH Board: We have created a new Board this year made up of trainers who care about the future of Radical Honesty and are helping to steward the organization into the next decade. 

  4. Consistent RHE: Currently, Radical Honesty Enterprises is run by the mighty team of Brad, John, Lindsay, Sarah, and Anne. We meet weekly and do our best to keep everything above and below board. Next year, we inch our way to becoming a Benefit corporation. 

And there you have it. Some of the great things that happened this year and some of the ideas we want to happen next year.

We appreciate all of you who are doing your best (or worst!) at living out loud, noticing and reporting what you notice, so that freedom, forgiveness, and love become more and more of a possibility in your life, in your relationships, and in this big mess of a world. 

We hope to see you somewhere in the world next year!

Rad Honesty