Designing Your Destiny


We are very excited to announce that Brad will be leading his abundantly beneficial Designing Your Own Destiny: The Radical Honesty Five Day Co-Hearted, Co-Intelligent, Co-Operative Life Planning Workshop this November, 2019!

Our CEO, John Rosania, wanted Brad to lead this workshop and invited him to do so since he hasn’t led it in almost a decade. None of the current Certified Trainers on the scene have been to the workshop, and wouldn’t be able to carry on leading it after Brad retires and leaves us for the golf greens. So, Brad agreed to lead the workshop close to his home in Stanley, Virginia, and John and I will be right there to learn from him. 

Here’s what Brad has to say about the workshop:

Due to great need and high demand from our cult leaders as well as from the rest of the world, November 7th-13th of 2019, in the beautiful hills of Virginia, for the first time in over 9 years, we’re offering our newly revised workshop: Designing Your Own Destiny: The Radical Honesty Five Day Co-Hearted, Co-Intelligent, Co-Operative Life Planning Workshop!


One of the most valuable concepts in the world, is about how to consciously create your life as an artist, designing how you are pulled forward by what calls you forth based on your own life history. 

This workshop is for people who have got the message of Radical Honesty about how to identify your self as a noticer, lose your mind, come to your senses, and then get your mind back as a wonderful plaything instead of something so deadly serious as the judgmental mind we ask you to trade in for a newer version. i.e. “what would we love to do?”  rather than “what you think you should do!”

When I ask people, "Would you like to give up the suffering and the satisfactions involved in being neurotic, being trapped in the indulgence of being a victim?" almost everyone says, "Yes."

But the reality is that conscious artistry in the creation of the good life for any individual requires constant centering, constant planning, and constant sharing of what you are about in the world in a clear and connected and non manipulative and honest way, that is scary as hell. 

Maybe if we're lucky, we think (in the back of our minds), somebody will take care of us the way we always should have been taken care of, and we won't actually have to take care of ourselves.

Owning our power as co-hearted co-creators is scary for many reasons, not the least of which is  getting over having someone or something else to blame for how life has been and how it goes, something that is often too sweet to give up.


You Will Not Be Saved

We like to be lost in a vague hope that someone is going to rescue us from responsibility for our lives. God or the lottery or some sugar daddy or mama or a rich uncle or an inheritance or some good luck or some wise person or teaching will finally make it all okay, the way Mom or Dad never did, but should have.

The Difference Between Believers and Creators

Believers have explanations for what went wrong and hope for salvation just ahead.

Creators enjoy consciously going about the work of designing and bringing into being their vision of whatever they want to create.

Come join us in Virginia to consciously create your life with others. The subtitle of Brad’s book, Practicing Radical Honesty is: HOW TO (1) COMPLETE THE PAST (2) LIVE IN THE PRESENT AND (3) BUILD A FUTURE WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM YOUR FRIENDS. 

We are assuming you have completed the past, now live in the moment, and therefore are capable of living the life of a creator, and build a future with a little help from your friends!

What We’ll Do

Over the course of 5 days, I’ll lead you through the life planning process. I’ll give some talks about the process of creation by creating a context, and how to write up the projects of your life. You’ll have time to write and create together in the large group, in small breakout groups, and by yourself with ongoing feedback from others. You will leave the workshop with plans, committed listeners, a system for living from love rather than obligation, and practice in how to ask for and receive help.


Most people take life planning too seriously. Because the mind makes things stale fairly quickly, we need to take on the process of continual re-creation as a lifelong, permanent task. We do this by making plans and writing them down and systematically projecting into the future with our imaginations.

Don't worry, this is not serious. You can change it anytime. You are the creator of your life, so you can modify, paint over, erase, or destroy and start again even the statement of your life purpose, whenever you choose.


Sounds like a unique and inspiring approach to life planning, doesn’t it?

Read more about what Brad will cover in the workshop, what you’ll leave with, and see a sample project write-up by visiting our Life Planning Workshop page.

Brad, John, and I want to consciously co-create with you and we hope to see you in November.


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