The Truthtellers: Stories of Succes by Radically Honest People

The Truthtellers: Stories of Succes by Radically Honest People




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Freedom is a psychological accomplishment. Only truthfulness will set us free. Many of us already know that in our bones, but we don’t always muster the courage to do it – or remember the incredible rewards! From the simple, intensely moving stories in the beginning to the profound and hilarious essays at the end, this book is the best reminder of that reward you will ever come across. Honesty is the source of the ongoing renewal of love. We have the evidence.


“The visceral descriptions of anxiety and other painful feelings that come in the process of telling the truth are a key strength of this wonderful book. People worry that Radical Honesty is too messy, too hurtful. Well, if you’re doing it right, it is messy. And it does often hurt. But, as these stories here show beautifully, if you’re willing to go through the mess and the hurt, the rewards are unbelievably, unpredictably rich. The kind of love that is possible after somebody tells the truth (in the way Brad and his colleagues define telling the truth), is a whole different animal – fresher, looser, deeper, sweeter, wilder, stronger – than what usually passes for love. I know because I have my own parallel stories to the ones here.”

-Grace Llewelyn, author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook



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Printed Pages: 267
Publication date: 2004
Print ISBN: 978-0-9706-9383-9
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4507-9312-4

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