The RAdical HOnesty Training program

Become a Radical Honesty Trainer

The Radical Honesty Training Program is for those who want to become certified Radical Honesty Trainers and make a living helping people live happier, more productive lives. It's also for therapists, life coaches, and others who who want to apply Radical Honesty to their area of specialization.


Philosophy of the Radical Honesty
Training Program 

Radical Honesty Trainers are self-motivated, self-actualizing people. A Radical Honesty Trainer is largely responsible for training herself. Trainers train themselves and use Radical Honesty Enterprises as a resource for doing that. Trainers ask for what they need, and if a Trainer does not know what she needs, she says so and asks for coaching about that. 

Ultimately, what Radical Honesty Enterprises provides is the context within which you train yourself. 

Just as personal and social transformation are intimately linked, the Radical Honesty Training Program and the training of the whole Trainer body (i.e. all the Trainers) are intimately linked.

What does that mean? We are a community that is training itself, and that happens via individuals training themselves and training others in the community. Learn and share what you learn with everyone else for your own and their benefit.


The Trainer Path

Step 1. Begin with the Basics:

Step 2. Go to a Weekend Workshop:

The Weekend Workshop is the gateway to learning the benefits of Radical Honesty and experimenting with honesty in a supportive environment.

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Step 3. Go to an 8-Day Residential Workshop:

The 8-Day Workshop is an intensive, full-time, communal experience designed to bring you the benefits of a year of therapy in 8 days.

Step 4. Join our 9-Month Training Course:


After participating in an 8-Day Workshop and practicing Radical Honesty in your life, you’re invited to apply to join our 9-Month Training Course which runs yearly, July through March.


Step 5. Go to a Trainer’s Training:


In the Trainer’s Training we focus on preparing you to become a strong facilitator and to teach the practice of Radical Honesty to others.

We have Trainer’s Trainings regularly in the U.S. and Europe.


An Important Note

Participation in the 9-Month Training Program and attendance at a Trainer's Training do not guarantee certification, and certification does not generally happen after participation in one’s first Trainer’s Training.

Certification is given on a case by case basis, based on personal attainments (completion of past events with key people, quality of contact, etc.) and attainments within the Radical Honesty Training Program, as determined by Radical Honesty Founder, Brad Blanton, Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne, and a group of Certified Trainers.


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