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"For most of my life I tried to get approval by chasing success. Whether it was as a dad, in martial arts, in yoga or meditation - it was always about doing everything right. Never disappoint!

To get over my frustration in relationships I tried nonviolent communication and meditation. In order to become confident with women I sought help in hypnosis, NLP, flirt-training and I tried to display determination and manliness. Only through Radical Honesty could I get over shame and anxiety. Through practicing Radical Honesty, I finally got to experience all the adventures and relationships that I had hoped to get through discipline, strategies, tricks, and different masks.

My greatest passion is to help other humans liberate themselves from fear, guilt, and shame. I want to inspire and show how simple deep connection can be and how great a life without masks feels.”

Christoph Fink coaches individuals and couples, leads ongoing groups in Munich, and teaches workshops all over Europe. In 2017, Dr. Brad Blanton certified him as an official Radical Honesty Coach and Trainer.

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