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Weekend Workshops


The Weekend Workshop is the gateway to learning the benefits of Radical Honesty and experimenting with honesty in a supportive environment. 


Learn the art of intimacy and connection

During a Weekend Workshop in Radical Honesty, we tell the truth out loud about what we notice about each other, what we notice in our own bodies, and what we notice going through our minds.

Through this direct sharing, we quickly see how we are often our own worst enemy by holding ourselves back, blocking intimacy, and using our minds to make ourselves stressed, unhappy, disconnected, anxious and depressed. Worrying, and being careful, and guarding against saying the wrong thing, turns out to be mostly a God damned waste of time!



What We Do

The Weekend  Workshop includes a variety of activities to support you in telling the truth, hearing the truth, and getting over the shit in your life. 




Hot Seat Work


Directed Conversations


Autogenic Relaxation 


Paired Exercises


Couple's Work


Group Exercises


Post-workshop community


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for you if:

  • You don’t want to be like Donald Trump, but you know that in some sickening ways you are.

  • You’re tired of being phoney and lying to your friends and family.

  • You dread going to family gatherings and working so hard.

  • You get mad at your kids, spouse and, colleagues and the rest of the incompetent bad people in the world who keep messing up your life.

  • Your sex life is dull and getting worse, and you constantly withhold admitting ideas and impulses you have.

  • You’re afraid to be honest with your partner because you might lose the ability to feign intimacy and blow your almost intact performance even though it is a God damned lie.


Weekend Workshop Details


Weekend Workshops start on Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon. Friday nights can often be attended as a talk for $20.00 or so, by people who want to learn just a little bit about Radical Honesty. They can decide to sign up for the rest of the workshop if they decide they want to.

You can invite friends and family to come to that if you would like them to consider joining the workshop with you. There is more specific information about upcoming workshops below.

Even though some Radical Honesty trainers may be licensed clinical psychologists, Radical Honesty workshops are not psychotherapy, but are a training in personal growth and development. 


Friday: Warming Up

We gather and introduce ourselves, share how we're making ourselves nervous and excited about the weekend, and what we want to get out of it. We do some paired exercises, experimenting with Radical Honesty.


Saturday: Fundamentals

We start the morning with group and paired exercises, short talks, directed conversations focused on learning and practicing the distinction between noticing and imagining.

After lunch and a break, we learn autogenic relaxation and meditation centered around body awareness. Then we do Hot Seat work, couples work, and a few more talks.

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Sunday: Putting Radical Honesty into Practice

We continue our learning with lectures, hot seat work, and addressing anything that has come up in the group over the weekend. We make agreements with each other about specific meetings we will have with important other people in our lives, to open up a Radically Honest relationship. We finish the day sharing appreciations and resentments, forgiving each other, falling in love and saying goodbye!

*Even though some Radical Honesty trainers may be licensed clinical psychologists, Radical Honesty workshops are not psychotherapy, but are a training in personal growth and development.


What Participants Are Saying


"I’ve been to a few Weekend Workshops and EVERY TIME I arrive at one I think, 'Ah shit, how did I get myself into this… what am I doing here?' And EVERY TIME I leave a weekend workshop, I think, 'Ah shit, I’m SO HAPPY I did this for myself.' 

I leave the workshops with new courage and inspiration to have the conversations I’ve been avoiding and to take action where I haven’t been, and that leads to recreating closeness in my relationships, without fail. In essence, I recharge my power in these workshops."  
- Lindsay S.


"The first time I read Radical Honesty I realized that the saddest and most painful moments in my life were when I had to be silent, when I had to pretend to be happy, or when lying was safer than speaking out.

It was my third husband who introduced me to the work of Radical Honesty and the rigor of practicing expressing my thoughts, my feelings, and my wants including taking a stand for myself and others. The Weekend Workshop has helped me practice these skills and cultivate a radically honest relationship which has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.”
- Ely C. 


"There are hardly any places where the taboo on saying what you actually think and feel is lifted. The Weekend Workshop created a space where I could share who I really was with other people. It's where I learned to really become an adult who takes full responsibility for my life, rather than the withholding, phony, egg-shell walking, advice-giving machine I tend to be.

To put it simply, the Weekend Workshop radically changed my life, helping me rekindle the relationships with my family and inspiring me to have the courage to live my own life out loud." - John R. 


Upcoming Weekend Workshops


Scary huh? Still too uncertain to sign up?

That’s okay.  We understand. We have a bumper sticker that says:
“Radical Honesty! … Works Pretty Good! … Most of the Time!”

Talk to Lindsay, she will help you decide if you are ready for this or not.  
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