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Presentations, Short Interviews and Clips

Brad Blanton presents an exercise that guarantees enlightenment - within 3 minutes.

 Brad speaks at TEDx about how we need each other to get over ourselves and be happy.


NPR's This American Life TV show follows Brad during his run for congress.

What is radical Honesty? A mix tape of media appearances and testimonials.


Brad reveals the benefits of direct, honest communication and the limitations of not telling your loved ones the truth.

How Honest Can You Be With Clients? A business coach asks Brad about the value of Radical Honesty in growing a business.


In-Depth Interviews and Podcasts

Humans in Love Podcast #2: Relationships, Jealousy, and “How To Get Over Shit and Be Happy” with Dr. Brad Blanton

Humans in Love Podcast #9: Anthony Bourdain, Grief, Depression, and Creating Better Connections with Brad and Carsie Blanton


Radical Intimacy For Introverts Interview With Brad Blanton

Learn to tell the truth on the Lasting Love Connection Podcast


How To Simplify Your Life Via Radical Honesty with Dr. Brad Blanton

Great information from Brad packed into a retro interview style!


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