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"Honesty practice changed me at the core of my being. Learning the honesty skills improved (most of) my relationships and taught me how to live with more freedom, aliveness, and love." - John

John is a certified Radical Honesty trainer, Radical Honesty Enterprises CEO, and founder of Honesty Lab which offers Workshops, Courses, and individual coaching in Radical Honesty. Since 2013, he has practiced under the guidance of Radical Honesty founder, Dr. Brad Blanton, and Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne. John also completed the Community Counselor Training at the Southern California Counseling Center.

John leads the Radical Honesty Lab Los Angeles Meetup and has led radical honesty-based weekend workshops and evening events around the country.

Before founding Honesty Lab, John was the Head of Coaching and Director of Content at the Clean Program where he developed educational modules and coached VIP clients under the guidance of Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D. He has led live trainings and workshops at companies such as Manduka, Google, and Martha Stewart Living.

John has a BA in Philosophy and is a contributing author to two New York Times bestselling books, Clean Gut and Clean Eats. He is currently a resident-in-training at the Zen Center of Los Angeles.

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