Lindsay St. Antoine | United States
Offering: Workshops, Meetups, Individual Coaching


“I spent so much of my life out of touch with my anger and resentment toward others, often moving around in the world like a passive aggressive, manipulative, ashamed, uptight ball of worry and stress.

Creating a very deliberate honesty practice for myself has been the absolute most powerful antidote to the state mentioned above, and the surest action I’ve taken to get more in touch with my body and sensate reality, find immense satisfaction in communicating directly with others, and express myself in ways I never had before.”


Lindsay St. Antoine is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer and was co-leader of the Los Angeles and Austin Radical Honesty Meetup groups, and is currently co-leading the Meetup group in Denver. She has worked closely with Radical Honesty founder, Brad Blanton, since 2014, filling many roles within Radical Honesty Enterprises, and she's now COO of the small team. She is most excited about the work she does coordinating and attending live workshops, and collaborating with the growing group of Radical Honesty Trainers.

Lindsay is dedicated to developing and supporting honest thriving communities, in large part by being a self-righteous stickler for getting (herself) in touch with shame, embarrassment, and resentment and expressing it when it arises. She is particularly enthusiastic about working with and supporting folks in the Queer community, with couples (especially those that are operating in an “alternative” fashion) and others in open relationships, as well as intentional communities and those within communal living arrangements. Lindsay is currently living in Denver, Colorado, after time in Los Angeles, Austin, and Costa Rica.

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