Individual Consultation with Brad


The heart and soul of the work I do is helping my clients face their conflicts and get to completion through authentic forgiveness, as well as loving and valuing each other even more because of the conflict. I’ve done this with thousands of people in the 45 years I have been a psychotherapist.

Breakups, breakdowns, estranged family members, broken marriages, malfunctioning work relationships. . . all of these kinds of things have serious consequences in our lives. And one of the most serious consequences is that unfinished business from the past kills some of our aliveness in most of our future relationships.

It is often possible to not only resolve such life-issues, but to transform them. So that debilitating, dysfunctional relationships change into intimate, authentic loving relationships that bring more joy and satisfaction to both parties.


I am available on Skype by appointment most Thursdays between 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., eastern time. A one hour coaching session with me costs $500, payable in advance via paypal or credit card.

If you can’t afford that, you can get coached by a certified trainer for less.

To find a time, email:

What Clients Are Saying


“I recorded our last session and I’m so happy I did.  I replayed it several times so the whole new way of looking at me and what I was doing would sink in. The next day Kirk (someone who I committed to talking with) agreed to talk. I said I needed an hour because being face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball is so important.  Thanks to you, Brad, I’m with a whole new me.” — Rita Robinson



“Holy moly. Massive insights gained from being witnessed as we both expressed pain and upset, and then having it pointed out warmly by Brad when our bodies revealed what was accurate/true vs. what was in our heads as our story. I didn’t realize how much I “hold back” until Brad noticed my body movements: the subtle biting of my lower lip or the blinking of my eyes as I got caught up in remembering a story rather than being focused on responding to what was so in the present. Realizing that made it so much easier to check in with myself and to know what’s true for me by noting the sensations in my body rather than the drama of emotion.

“That was only a small part of the experience; the other part, staying open, receiving another’s pain and anguish AND being filmed was also healing in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

“Radical Honesty is something I’d read and enjoyed conceptually but hadn’t experienced powerfully until yesterday. Definitely worth a read or checking out Brad’s site if there’s a repetitive personal or relational conflict you find yourself wrestling with.” — Chelsea O’Brien