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I don’t like biographies written in the third person, so I write mine from my point of view. I came to my first Radical Honesty Workshop out of desperation.

I was a high-paid corporate slave on Broadway, New York City with a Master’s Degree in Management. I had a promising career in front of me. However, I felt horrible and empty. None of the money I made could compensate for my inner yearning for love, connection and a happy life.

After deciding not to kill myself, I opted for a Radical Honesty Workshop. After that, I still killed myself, but in a very different way: I killed my self-image and completed my past. In the process, I felt overwhelmed with waves of creativity and moments of bliss. I stuck with the program and went to live with Brad for three months to take my training to the max.

Now, after numerous 8-Day Workshops and 2 Trainers Trainings, I’m certified to do the work myself. My workshops are focused on helping individuals regain their trust in themselves and others and lead overall happy and connected lives.

I live in Prague now, where I produce music, write books and struggle to be fully honest in my personal life.

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