Beyond Good and Evil - A Novel

Beyond Good and Evil - A Novel



Having written several self-help books, Brad conveys truth through fiction, this time, a novel in which Psychotherapist Dr. Peter Howard goes crazy while in psychotherapy himself.

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Psychotherapist Dr. Peter Howard goes crazy while in psychotherapy himself. After Dr. Howard’s hospitalization, his psychiatrist publishes a book about his case. Peter Howard then reviews his psychiatrist’s book in the N.Y. Times Review of Books with a confession that he is the patient referred to in the book.

The review causes quite a stir because he very articulately argues, that although he was in fact crazy, just as his shrink said, he was also really talking to the spirit of Christ (The Eternal Split-Second Sound-Light Being), and says what Christ told him.

The two psychotherapists then meet on The Dick Cavett Show. Cavett gets to interview both the Christ and the Devil, and their answers will both shock and entertain you. In the end, the novel artfully shows us that dualism is merely a communication device that we often lose control of. There is no such thing as good and evil in the world of reality. Only suchness – such as it is. And power comes from alignment with what is so.



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Pages: 210
Publication date: 2005
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4507-9307-0

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