Develop the Skills to Powerfully Lead Workshops



The Radical Honesty Trainer's Training is for those on the path to becoming certified to effectively lead Radical Honesty Workshops. The training is an in-person, 8-Day residential workshop and is a key element in the greater Radical Honesty Training Program.

The Purpose of the Training 

The purpose of the Trainer's Training is to develop your skills (in noticing, expressing, coaching, and presentation), your clarity of intent, and your relationships with each other in order to create a breakthrough in our individual and collective abilities to teach
Radical Honesty.

It’s an opportunity for face-to-face practice with peers, an
opportunity to learn from Radical Honesty founder, Brad Blanton
and Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne and with the cooperation, support, and feedback from other Radical Honesty practitioners
also in pursuit of advanced learning and eventual certification.


Topics Covered 

  • Enrollment: leading introductions, practice groups, and follow up groups

  • Hot Seat Training: philosophy, objectives, techniques, including regression, dialogue, & dream work

  • Coaching: applications, objectives, techniques, and distinguishing it from hot seat work

  • Counseling skills: listening, quality of contact, voice, and presence

  • Review of Workshop Presentations: agreements, anatomy of the mind, Sufi levels of consciousness, appreciation and resentments, Gestalt prayer

  • Review of Workshop Exercises: I Notice & I Imagine, Meditation, Shoulds, Life Stories, Sometimes I pretend


What We Do

At the Trainer's Training, we: 

  • Learn how to present the material of Radical Honesty Workshops

  • Develop Gestalt Therapy and Radical Honesty hot seat skills

  • Receive feedback from Brad, Taber, Certified Trainers and your peers about your progress

  • Get coaching on how to set up your business and make a living from it

  • Get support in bringing your project of Radical Honesty to the world


Requirements for Attendance

  • Completion of at least two 8-Day Residential Workshops (or one 8-Day and a few Weekend Workshops or shorter Residential Workshops)

  • One to two years of applied practice of Radical Honesty in one’s life, with key people

Trainer Certification is based on:

Personal Attainments

  • Ongoing processing of resentments and appreciations

  • Effective communication with parents and children

  • Effective communication with spouse and past partners

  • Completion of key events from the past

  • Quality of contact

Radical Honesty Attainments

*Attendance at a Trainer's Training does not guarantee certification, and certification does not generally happen after participation in one’s first training.


Upcoming Trainer’s Trainings

Our next Trainer's Training will be March 2020 in Florida, U.S. and enrollment will open Fall 2019.

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Upcoming 8-Day Workshops


Participation in an 8-Day Workshop is one of the requirements to attend Advanced 8-Day workshops and Trainer’s Trainings. Find an upcoming 8-Day to attend, below.


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